Nonfiction Book Review: Talk Like TED

Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo
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Stop what you're doing and read this book.

No, really - this should be required reading for every ELA teacher in at least grades 5-12, if not college also, especially those of us who are required to embed public speaking into our curriculums. (I'm looking at you, Common Core...). Talking like TED is a skill that shouldn't be limited to speech class!

It's the best book I've read in probably two years, both as a learner and a teacher, and not just because I'm already an avid TED fan. 5/5 stars.

Gallo practices what he preaches in his writing style, using facts and good storytelling to give the reader something useful on every single page.

This one is worth buying so you can take a highlighter to it, instead of just getting from the library.

In fact, I'm seriously considering using my non-fiction chapter study guides resource and jigsawing this entire book with my 8th graders this year, as part of their preparation for our "Project TED" Speech Unit. (I'd assign small groups of students to each of the nine chapters and have the groups present the content of their chapter to the class!)

(Reminder: You already know my theories on why students don't appreciate non-fiction enough, that I'm attempting to recommend good non-fiction titles, and some of the other books I've reviewed here. This post is for June.)

This one is completely worth your time this summer. Go get this book! :-)

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