"Fall" into ELA: Seasonal Resources from Real English Teachers!

Celebrate the arrival of the fall season with these seasonal resources from real English teachers! Not only will you get quality resources, but you'll also save a LOT of time! Click through to learn more.
Do you love teaching lessons about Halloween? Excited for leaves and lattes? Do you teach seasonal topics?

Whether you celebrate seasonal holidays in your English class or not, there are probably still curricular needs that correlate to fall. For me, that means using the novel The Giver to teach literary analysis essay skills, along with grammar work and review of activities like Socratic Seminars

With my high school tutoring students, I'm reading a lot of college admissions essay drafts to help them with early admission deadlines! (And though I'm not teaching it this year, former students have loved reading and discussing banned books!)

Whether you're building skill foundations, still setting/maintaining routines from Back to School season, or are gearing up for something big, let us help you out!

Check out the list of links below to see seasonally-appropriate freebies, blog posts, and products for download.

We hope we can save you some planning time!

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  1. It's great to have someone focusing on MS so much, with less of the 'cutesie' clipart that puts my learners off. Thanks for your great recommendations.


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