Secondary Speaks: In a Hurry? Fast Links & Ideas on the Go!

Every teacher runs into that predicament where she realizes she doesn't have an activity for her next class - and they'll be in the room in 15 minutes. When you're in a hurry, you should check out any of the blogs and websites listed in this round-up blog post to help you get ideas!
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Today, we're talking about our favorite places to look when we need inspiration, ideas, or PD, especially when we're short on time.

Teachers rarely have time to do a leisurely browse through search results, so where are the best websites, blogs, and social media accounts when we have nothing more than a planning period or ten minutes of downtime at home?

Check out our list below for some links to bookmark, add to a feed, or set reminders to check.

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Q: "What's a great source that teachers can check for ideas when in a hurry?"


  •  The Language Arts Classroom hosts a linky every Sunday. It has lots of great ideas for secondary teachers! Edutopia has a well-organized site with lots of great ideas, and Pinterest of course! Room 213 
  • I believe that teachers should visit Lauralee's Secondary link-up on Sundays! There are always some great resources there! The Daring English Teacher
  • Larry Ferlazzo's "Best Websites of 2014" is great. He writes a blog about teaching English Language Learners; each post has many links to other sites about teaching a specific topic or using technology in a particular way. The ESL Nexus
  • Page Turners link up hosted weekly on my blog during the school year each blog post features themed great blog posts (i.e. classroom mangement, end of the year activities, literature activities). Brynn Allison
  • I always get good ideas for student motivation from Head Over Heels for Teaching's Sparking Motivation Weekly Linky on Saturdays (during the school year). Lisa @ Mrs. Spangler in the Middle
  • This is a wealth of information: Lauralee
  • Please check out my blog, Lit with Lyns, for great teaching activities and ideas. I explain how the product works, the teaching process I used, and often how my students felt about it, as well.  Lit with Lyns

Social Media
  • On my Classroom in the Middle Pinterest page, I've been collecting ideas and links for all kinds of things English teachers might be interested in - activities for reading, writing, vocabulary,etc, but also interesting articles, quotes, crafts, and holiday ideas. Classroom in the Middle
  • Pinterest is a pretty good place to find ideas, especially if you have something specific in mind. Many of the pins link back to TpT products. David Rickert
  • Pinterest -- just type the specific topic you're researching (a novel, activity, season, etc.) and dozens (or even hundreds) of ideas will pop up! You're sure to quickly find something you can use or adapt! Literary Sherri

  • I am always inspired by NPR ( The podcasts can generate great class discussions. They are short and insightful - perfect for journals. Allyson's Creative Corner
  • has worksheets on just about everything, usually free and quick and easy to print! This site has videos, explanations and sometimes practice on a multitude of different topics! SecondaryMathShop
  • TED Talks......they are great videos to get students thinking, but they also have lesson plans available,too. This would be primarily for high school teachers, but any subject. I teach math and use them all the time! The Math Factory

Do you know any other good ones, or want to "second" one of these? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. I enjoy your posts with comments and ideas from other educators -- they are informative and interesting. :-) Thanks for sharing them on your blog!

    -- Susan
    The ESL Connection

  2. Thanks so much for including my comment! Love these great resources!

    Lit with Lyns


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