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About my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

One day in 2013, my former co-teacher turned to me in the middle of my debate unit and said, "This is really good. You need to post this on TpT."

I was surprised to hear this at first; I knew my co-teacher was a talented seller herself, and I didn't know much about TpT at the time. But, one consequence of working in a small school was that I was making almost all of my own curriculum, and I knew that I could possibly save other teachers time with those files.

Her vote of confidence gave me the courage to start sharing my lessons, units, projects, and other files with ELA teachers online, and over 8,000 teacher comments are the reason I keep going.

What I didn't expect though was that TpT would also make me a better teacher. Since first becoming a buyer AND seller toward the end of 2013, I gained...

  • An incredible support network during the transition to Common Core 
  • A network of teacher friends, ready to answer questions
  • A lifeline on days when I needed last-minute resources
  • Time saved (from NOT re-inventing the wheel on certain lessons)
  • An audience that expected a higher caliber. I was no longer just impacting MY own middle school students, but other grade levels nationally and internationally. That meant my lessons had to be even clearer, even more user-friendly, and even more effective. Knowing that the lessons I was making for my students might ALSO go online was a huge motivator to make every handout top-notch.  

What I Offer on TpT
As you know from my bio page, I strive to offer innovative, user-friendly tools for English teachers in grades 7-12 (though my resources are sometimes used in younger grades as well). 

In my store, you'll find resources for literature, nonfiction, poetry, writing, grammar, vocab, holidays, and more! 

Tips for Maximum Savings on TpT
Whether you shop with me or not, there are a few things that teachers should know when they become TpT buyers:
  • Leaving Comments = TpT store credits! This is the closest thing to a "Frequent Flyer Miles" program that TpT offers. Every time you leave a comment on a paid item, you get TpT credits that work anywhere on the TpT site, and not just in MY store.   
  • Don't hesitate to "Follow" a Seller you like. When you click on the little green star and "Follow" a seller's TpT store, then you're getting two valuable resources: 1) Email notifications when a seller adds a new item, and 2) Notes from the seller to your TpT inbox (not your real email) on a monthly or longer basis. These notifications are usually the best way to know that a seller's store is on sale!  

Email me anytime at tptsara@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form on this website. 

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