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Hello! It's nice to meet you.

My Teaching Bio
Here in Columbus, Ohio, I'm currently a...
  • Full-time ELA teacher at a private middle school
  • Part-time high school tutor (English, test prep, and college admissions))
  • Coach of a competitive creative writing team (known in Ohio as Power of the Pen)
  • Survivor of Ohio's Resident Educator program
  • Google Apps enthusiast (going to get certified... someday...)
  • Teacher-Author and blogger :)

My Philosophy
Whenever I share a blog post here or a resource in my TpT store, I'm doing it with two goals in mind. My goal is to give you ideas that are...

1. User-friendly 
... for both teachers AND students! Friend, we teachers are TIRED, pressed for time, and on the go. That's why my store features...

  • PDF and editable files of almost all resources. Unless copyright or another reason prevents me from doing so, you'll get the ready-to-print version AND one that you can customize for your class. 
  • Self-evident layouts and directions. Clear worksheets help everyone, from the struggling student to the absent child making up an assignment later. I also try to make them clear so that YOU don't need complex how-to-teach directions just to use the resource!  

Here's what one teacher had to say about my Book of the Month program
"This is truly an incredible resource. Easy to follow, engaging, holds students AND parents accountable, and inspires students to read. I wish I had found this sooner so that I could have started the year with it! LUCKILY, it's editable, so I might have my students start using it in January! THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is honestly exactly what I've been looking for for a long time." November 16, 2016

2. Innovative 
One effect of my tutoring life is that I love taking a complex or difficult topic and making it understandable, if not downright enjoyable. (That's also one reason why I love working in both middle AND high school grades - it's great to be able to "convert" a student into becoming a reader after all, or help a student realize that it's not too late to become a great writer.)

In my world, being innovative means that I try to...

Here's what one teacher said about my Essay Writing Mega Bundle:
"As an Intensive Reading teacher, I find that many of my students doubt their writing abilities and have trouble understanding the format of an essay and the purpose of each segment. This bundle makes it easy for me to approach them with simple, bite-sized lessons that they've been able to connect with. I loved the analogies, and so did they. Definitely worth the investment!" October 16, 2016

I hope that you find what you need while you're here!


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