18 Tips for Teaching Creative Writing

Teaching a creative writing class? Need a boost before your next narrative unit?

Regardless of your experience and enthusiasm, teaching creative writing can be daunting in all its forms (fiction, poetry, narrative nonfiction, etc.).

But why is that?

15 Tips for Pulling off Independent Reading Programs

If you have any variation of independent reading in your middle or high school English class, you've undoubtedly faced challenges at some point in the experience. 

Unlike the enthusiasm for reading in primary grades (think stickers, SSR, take-home bags, cute reading nooks, etc.), it's a huge accomplishment in secondary to get students to read anything, much less doing so with a stocked classroom library, fair assessments, and anything resembling enthusiasm. 

5 Rookie Teacher Mistakes to Avoid in the First Weeks of School

Sure, all teachers learn and improve their practice each school year. That's especially true when a veteran teacher changes courses, grade levels, or school buildings.

But that first year or two brings special challenges.

I *thought* was prepared. I had all kinds of tangible and theoretical tools from my grad program; I'd had a good student teaching experience. But there are a few things that no mentor teacher, master's degree, or orientation told me.

Let me save you the trouble of finding these out the hard way!