5 Things to do BEFORE Summer Vacation

You must think I've lost my mind. Why make our end-of-year checklist LONGER?

The countdown to summer vacation is my most frantic time of the year, tied with Back to School season. Grading assignments, grading final exams, cleaning up the classroom, making report cards, and all of our end-of-year traditions and field trips make May and early June a CRAZY time.

Despite the chaos, I'm ADDING five more WORTHY things to my to-do list. I have never regretted squeezing these in.

6 Things to Remember if your Friend is a Teacher

Calling all besties, acquaintances, girlfriends, and even significant others: 

Congrats! One of your friends scored a teaching job (or perhaps is in the process of getting one).

Since it's Teacher Appreciation Week here in the US, let's talk about the easiest, cheapest, least-effort ways you can appreciate that teacher friend. (Not that you aren't already wonderful.)