5 Ways to Teach the State of the Union Address

I watch the SOTU the way that some people watch the Super Bowl, regardless of who is the president. I spend the entire speech listening, live-tweeting, and texting my mother and politically-minded friends about what is said.

But I also listen to it the way that I listen to music: appreciating the artistry, even if I don't like the lyrics.

5 Emergency Skills All Teachers Should Know

Last night, I had my first experience with an anaphylactic allergic reaction. My throat started to tighten. My skin became red and itchy. I began to cough, and my breathing sounded higher-pitched.

After several minutes of wondering if I was imagining things or overreacting (including calling the allergist to make sure I wasn't crazy), I realized my throat was indeed closing and went to self-administer my epi-pen.