Hi, friend. Consider me your new virtual co-teacher. 

I'm here to offer you the support, inspiration, and clarity you need to make English class a successful, confidence-building experience for everyone.

A little about me
Here in Columbus, Ohio, I'm a...
  • Full-time ELA teacher at a private middle school
  • Part-time high school tutor (English, test prep, and college admissions)
  • Coach of a competitive creative writing team 
  • Survivor of Ohio's Resident Educator program (ha)
  • Google Apps enthusiast (going to get certified... someday...)
  • Teacher-Author and blogger :)
  • Mother of one baby boy
How It All Started
In 2013, I was in my second year of full-time teaching in a middle school. We had just started my debate unit for the first time when my co-teacher turned to me and said, "You should really sell this on Teachers Pay Teachers." 

I was floored by her suggestion. Yes, I had poured an insane number of hours into this unit (and spent time improving it after teaching it once). But the realization that I could save OTHER teachers planning time and energy was a new thought. 

At the time, I was drowning in creating and assessing, and I realized that I could not only pull myself out from my to-do list but help other ELA teachers survive with grace, too. 

Ever since late 2013, I've been sharing my lessons, projects, and teacher tools with a mission in mind...

Why Work with Me? My Mission.
My goal has been to share creative tools for user-friendly English classes.

But what does that mean, exactly?

User-friendly for TEACHERS
Download files that promote sustainable teaching and planning:

  • Editable - get Office and PDF files
  • Aligned - stated goals and/or CCSS
  • Thorough - the entire learning process, from "I can" statement to self-assessment
  • Easy grading - clear rubrics make focused feedback simpler

For example, here's what one teacher had to say about my Book of the Month program
"This is truly an incredible resource. Easy to follow, engaging, holds students AND parents accountable, and inspires students to read. I wish I had found this sooner so that I could have started the year with it! LUCKILY, it's editable, so I might have my students start using it in January! THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is honestly exactly what I've been looking for for a long time." November 16, 2016

User-friendly for STUDENTS
Teens and tweens benefit from handouts that have...
  • Clear directions - any student, parent, or tutor knows what you're asking for
  • Step-by-step pacing - brainstorming and guidance that elicit the right outcome
  • Choice - multiple prompts and wiggle room for 
  • Purpose - everyone knows WHY we're learning this
  • Engaging - students are in charge and taking action as often as possible

For example, here's what one teacher said about my Essay Writing Mega Bundle:
"As an Intensive Reading teacher, I find that many of my students doubt their writing abilities and have trouble understanding the format of an essay and the purpose of each segment. This bundle makes it easy for me to approach them with simple, bite-sized lessons that they've been able to connect with. I loved the analogies, and so did they. Definitely worth the investment!" October 16, 2016

Creative tools
Lessons are more engaging when they include...
  • Problem solvers, like bookmarks that help students finish a book by a deadline
  • Metaphors, like the analogy that conclusion paragraphs are like dessert
  • Unique formats, like flipbooks and game boards

For example, here's one comment about my game board unit format:
"I purchased the game board template because I want a way to motivate my students (7th graders) and express that they can learn and have fun, especially those who have gaps in their knowledge and who could benefit from seeing writing and grammar as fun. I just developed my first game board for this unit, and I am excited as I think of all the ways students can show their knowledge on concepts. I think it will work great to help students work at their own pace, develop a sense of independence within the guidelines of due dates. Thank you for developing a creative way to help students learn and provide them with ownership. I also appreciate that you recognize that one item does not fit all learners or teachers and have included templates where some sellers do not." October 29, 2016

I hope that you find what you need while you're here! Let's get started.


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