User-friendly instruction meets creative, modern engagement. 

Instruction: A fully editable YEAR of grammar that covers CCSS topics in grades 6-12, with a fully scaffolded learning and assessment sequence (see below). 

Engagement: An optional GAME BOARD format that makes the process FUN!

Each topic/mini-unit includes:
  • Pretest (beginning of the year/term)
  • Lesson: both a PowerPoint and a recorded video version
  • Lesson guided notes
  • Practice sheet (for individuals or small groups/partners)
  • Formative quiz
  • Practice test
  • Final topic test
  • Post test (end of the year/term)
  • Answer keys
  • Quizlet set

Topics included:
  1. Parts of Speech
  2. Subject & Predicate
  3. Complete Sentences, Fragments, & Run-Ons
  4. Sentence Types
  5. Direct & Indirect Objects
  6. Active & Passive Voice
  7. Parallel Structure
  8. Verb Moods
  9. Verbals
  10. Punctuation: Semicolons & Colons
  11. Punctuation: Dashes, Ellipses, & Hyphens
  12. Punctuation: Apostrophes
COMING IN 2018: Pronouns, Clause & Phrase Types, Commas, and Subject/Verb Agreement

    Here's what teachers are saying: 

    FLEXIBLE: "Very nice bundle. Love the flexibility in the various formats of certain lessons. Allows me to pull in content that is appropriate to where my students are at the moment. Comprehensive set of materials including tests, presentation materials and activities. I particularly like the pre and post tests. Thank you."

    USER-FRIENDLY: "I have used it as a part of flipping my classroom with the added bonus that students who are absent can also take notes and listen to Sara's lessons on the concept that they are missing. I have already had a student return and jump right into the lesson with everyone as she was able to take advantage of the notes at home."

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