Public Speaking

Creative tasks that make public speaking user-friendly instead of scary.

This bundle benefits teachers who EITHER...
  • Want more (or different) speaking assessments into a general English course
  • Need to build up student speaking skills and/or confidence
  • Teach a Public Speaking elective or course (1 semester or longer)

Lessons and Projects tackle:
  • Introductory "crash course" lessons
  • Watching examples of speakers in videos
  • Real-world public speaking scenarios
  • Reading & analyzing past and present speeches
  • Identifying propaganda and rhetorical devices
  • Individual and group speeches
  • Debate
  • Posture: Avoiding Sara's "Seven Sins of Speaking"
  • Visual Aids that avoid "Death by PowerPoint"
  • Certificates to praise students
  • Tracking growth over time
  • Optional projects for audio & video creation
  • Extensive Mock TED Talks Unit (which could be used as a Capstone-style cumulative project)

Here's what teachers are saying:

THOROUGH: "This is an absolutely incredible resource. I am a first year teacher and needed to build a speech elective from the ground up with no speech class experience, and I have been thrilled with this unit so far. I'm able to add in my own content to suit my students, pacing is great, standards and objectives (easy to convert to I Can statements!) are included, and I really love the speech topic ideas. Figuring out what to tell the kids to talk about is always a sticking point, and this unit includes literally hundreds of ideas. SO worth every penny and then some. Thank you!"

NEW: "After teaching speech for ten years, these lessons will give me fresh ideas to engage my students and help get me out of my rut! Thanks so much! I am excited about starting school this year!"

GROWTH: "AMAZING. It was SO COOL to see my students be completely uncomfortable presenting and watch them grow into confident speakers over the course of this project. VERY fun for the students, and easy for me too!"

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