An English Teacher's "Favorite Things" List

Most of us have a mental (or actual) wish list for our classrooms: the books we want to add to our libraries, the tools we want but don’t “need”, or the decorations that just aren’t in the budget. We fantasize about winning the lottery, having a successful Donors Choose list, getting a classroom makeover... or being in the audience for an episode of Oprah’s Favorite Things.

If I could share MY favorite things with YOU (a la Oprah), here's what I'd gift you!

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Item #1: Presentation Clicker
Easy enough for me to use with a lesson OR for students to use during their speeches, such as when we do our Mock TED Talks Unit.
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Item #2: Fiskars Paper Slicer
No need to hike down to the copy room when you are trimming posters or just need a straight line! *High five*
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Item #3: Post-It Note Flags
We NEVER have enough of these in the classroom. They're a hot commodity, whether we're using them to pace a book or to "tag" themes or symbolism or text evidence during a novel unit. If I could get a free lifetime subscription to these, my life would be MADE.
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Item #4: A quill that works
You will never see teenagers do anything with more focus and precision than when you put a quill in their hands for the first time!
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Item #5: Author Finger Puppets
Silly, I know, but Charles Dickens "lives" on my white board and is our mascot during A Christmas Carol, and if I taught Shakespeare, I'd have him around, too!
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Do you have other "Favorite Things" to recommend? 
Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. Thank you so much! What an amazing giveaway! Happy Holidays! ❤🎄❄