Creative Writing

Make the entire writing process user-friendly to elicit creative, impressive final drafts.

This bundle is great for teachers who: 
  • Need new (or more) narrative writing in an English course
  • Want to help students who lack confidence or skills
  • Teach a creative writing elective or course

Lessons and Projects tackle:
  • The writing process
  • Indirect vs. direct characterization
  • 100 Writing prompts
  • 10 Genre Assignments, ranging from realistic to fan fiction
  • Superlatives for student writing
  • Editing & revision checklist with task cards

Here's what teachers are saying:

THOROUGH: "I NEVER write reviews for online purchases; however, this product warrants an exception. I just found out that I am teaching a creative writing course in the fall, and I haven't taught that class since 2011. I just finished looking over the contents of this product, and WOW! I am completely overwhelmed by the usefulness of it. I figured that it would give me some good ideas, but the assignments are terrific and will be used as published. Thank you!"
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